what's wrong? we'll make it alright, alright. we've got time, all the time.

rating: PG
pairing: Coopbastian, background Klaine maybe
words: 318 

Everyone has a soulmate.

Soulmates have been around since the beginning of time - archeologists have found evidence of the phenomenon in relics from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, even some paleolithic cave paintings depicting two people with an unexplainable connection. With that connection also comes the mark, the name of your soulmate inked forever into your skin. The name isn’t always there, though. In the beginning, people thought it appeared randomly, as the timing was different for everyone. They later found the answer, though: the mark appeared on the day both halves of the pair have turned eighteen years old - on the younger person’s eighteenth birthday.

The morning of Cooper Anderson’s eighteenth birthday began the same as everyone else’s - he woke up, and immediately jumped into the shower so he could strip his clothes and search for a name on his body, practically vibrating in excitement, which slowly evaporated when he found no name. He checked once more, just in case, a little desperately this time, but still, nothing. He finished his shower dejectedly and went downstairs to eat breakfast, just shaking his head mutely when he saw his parents’ questioning faces, with an uncharacteristically expressionless look on his own face. He soon got over his disappointment, though - everyone had a soulmate, right? So this just meant that his soulmate was younger than him, that wasn’t a big deal.

The next day, he was just as enthusiastic as he had been the first morning as he looked over his body, even though he knew how unlikely it was, his soulmate only being a day younger than him - and yeah, he found nothing.

After a week, he still found no name, and was definitely less excited, but he still didn’t give up. This was his soulmate and Cooper was going to find her (him, he corrected quietly, only in his own mind) no matter what.

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